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Cigars loved by Churchill to be auctioned in June

(Reuters) - A rare box of the Cuban cigars cherished by Winston Churchill and preserved for almost 60 years are going up for auction in London next month.

The wartime British prime minister's penchant for Romeo y Julieta Piramides cigars became part of his pugnacious image as a leader who defied the might of Hitler's Nazi Germany. The picture of Churchill giving the two-fingered victory sign with a cigar in his mouth is a classic World War Two image.

Now the 1950s Romeo y Julieta Piramides cigars he so loved will be on sale in C.Gars Ltd's second vintage cigars auction on June 21 at Boisdale Belgravia in London.

"We're expecting significant bids from both sides of the Atlantic from aficionados who'd love to taste Churchill's favourite cigars," C.Gars managing director Mitchell Orchant said in a statement.

Orchant said smokers interested in buying the cigars could emulate the bull-dog spirit that Churchill embodied and defy the anti-smoking "puritans" who have made smoking verboten in the public spaces of cities across Europe and North America.

"If Churchill were alive today he wouldn't put up with all this political correctness."

Source: UK Reuters