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Cigars and Psychology

Did you know how much Cigars can tell about their owner to the attentive "listener"? There's a lot that the way smokers hold their cigars can reveal about their characters and moods.

The Italian almanac, Il Tabacco, issued in the early nineteen twenties contained an interesting article headed "Sigaromanzia" that described twelve most spread positions of the hand holding the cigar with comments about psychological characteristics of the smoker.

It appears that the Italian psychologists were right. A similar experiment was conducted by a number of modern experts and the results were approximately the same. Thus we advise you to pay more attention to at the people you talk to, and perhaps you'll find out something new about them you didn't even suspect before.

A good orator, a fine psychologist

Reasonable, fair-minded

Passionate, short-tempered, but a man of his word

Jolly, communicative, self-willed

Exquisite, imposing

Calm, firm

Tough, egoistic

Practical, revengeful

An individualist, an opportunist


Distrustful, sceptical

Magnanimous, democratic, garrulous, hospitable