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Cigar Rollers with No Travel Costs Now in a City Near You

LAS VEGAS, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Cigar rollers for events were introduced by CF Dominicana cigars years ago and now the company boasts over 24 cities where cigar rollers will roll cigars at special events. The unique twist to the company's Cigar Catering(R) service is that the cigar rollers reside in the cities serviced, thus eliminating travel costs. As a result of making this upscale feature easily available to everyone, the innovative cigar company has an audience in the most unlikely of demographics, women.

CF Dominicana's aim is to have guests smoke their premium cigars with the objective that 2% of the guest list will come back as a customer of the cigars. "The events fuel name recognition," says Dennis Briganti president of CF Dominicana Cigars. "Guests smoke the cigars at a fun event and then seek out the cigars at a later date."

To enhance these cigar roller demonstrations, the company introduced Cigar Servers (cigar waitresses) on a national level just this past year. The Cigar Servers add another element that creates the upscale feel without the upscale price. The cigars are presented with custom cigar bands designed specifically for the affair. All of these features become far more than just cigars but rather, an entire show that enhances special events.

Of course cigar lovers are enthusiastic whenever cigars are present but, "the surprise here is that women are more enthusiastic about the cigar roller demonstrations than we expected," notes Briganti. "..It's the women -- brides, event planners -- that have made these cigar roller events popular."

CF Dominicana's event planners consult with clients to plan for the cigars in the best way possible, even when most of the clients don't have a clue how to plan for a cigar roller at their event. The event planners for CF spend a good deal of time discussing what is being planned at the party so responsible recommendations can be made for clients that ensure success.

Cigar rollers with no travel costs for events in Los Angeles, NY, San Diego, San Francisco, NY, Long Island, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Connecticut, Washington, Las Vegas, Washington, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami provided by CF Dominicana Cigars.

The company is currently featured up on television including the Man Caves show and Platinum Weddings.

Source: PR Newswire