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Cuban Cigars commercialized in 150 Countries

Cuban cigars are present in 150 nations, especially in the Americas, affirmed Oscar Basulto, president of TABACUBA, in western Pinar del Río province.
PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba, Dec 23 (acn) At the end of a plenary session presided over by Agriculture Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro, the Cuban official also highlighted that currently there are 136 Habano Houses in the world, which shows the preference for the Cuban product.
The tobacco industry in the archipelago, he assured, is ready to meet the demands of the various markets, and underlined that tanned tobacco leaves are used through the natural premium mechanized project, 24% of
the world's production is Cuban.
With respect to the next harvest, he said that the whole country is under the pressure of the re-construction of the infrastructure devastated by the recent passage of three hurricanes, concentrated mainly in Pinar del Río.
He underlined the great effort made by construction workers and the demonstration of confidence given by farmers, who avoided the obstacles and are already planting their fields.
The new campaign is advancing and that wouldn't have been possible without the unity of producers, transportation and forest workers, aimed at obtaining good crops despite the negative incidence of meteorological phenomena.
Ulises Rosales del Toro stressed the importance of diversifying production, and said that the best soils should get the best resources to get the most out of these lands.
Participants thanked the brigades from other provinces that are helping rebuild the houses to tan tobacco in Pinar del Río.

Source: Mathaba.Net