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Three things before buying Cuban cigars

You know what I think is the best place for cigars? Can you take a guess? If you want I can wait . . . Okay I will stop teasing, it is the cool. and calm country of Cuba. Cubans have been rolling the best Cuban cigars in the world for hundreds of years. It is part of their history, their culture, their lifestyle. Just like each country has one thing they are totally fond of, for cuban it is cigars. They've have been blessed with the best climate to grow the most esquisite tobacco in the world and when you add the skills of a torcedore (Cigar hand roller), you know you just got a phenomenal thing on your hand.
Let me share three straight to the point tips that will help you out. Let us get one thing pretty straight, it's all about using your head. If the website you are on has no way to contact them, they are a fake Cuban cigar site. Some people get so dazzled by a website's look they forget about everything else. No phone number or contact information means they are fake as fake can be. Another great sign is the cheap pricing offered on single cigars and cases. A few hundred dollars on a case of twenty five cigars means you are basically getting a knock off.
However, with all the success, the problem lies when getting it through the internet. There are so many scam websites ou there that you must be careful. These sites are disguised as professional and beautiful but if you miss out on just three things, they can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Their are some big time scam artists on the internet and you must be careful at all times. Remember, if it's too good to be true, than it probably is. It was probably said ages ago but still applies today.
The 2nd thing is to watch out for certified Cuban cigar retailers or some kind of actual proof that the people you are dealing with have. Sites that have logos by Habanos are not good enough. I want you to click on them, and verify it yourself. Plus companies who are authorized have further information that leads up to more detailed information about their authorization standings. Don't get caught up in the hype, proper research i essential when it comes to Cuban cigars, always remember that.
Last but not the least it is the pricing. Real Cuban cigars even in Cuban cost a lot. So you have to watch out. The cheaper the site the bigger the scam these guys are getting you in for. Never let your common sense run out on you when dealing with these sites. Only get Cuban cigars from reputable dealers.

Source: 3x24 - Your Newspaper and News Magazine