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Sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar

There's nothing quite like sitting back at the end of the day with a couple fingers of Jack and a really good cigar. I hear guys enjoy this as well, especially since most of their wives don't.

While the women folk are bustling around shopping and chattering away over lunch or having their nails done, there's a refuge for the gentleman who like a calm moment and a good cigar.

Two Guys Smoke Shop in Seabrook is just a hop, skip, and a plop into a comfy leather chair from Exit 1 on Interstate 95.

There are two smoking lounges in the open and airy shop. One is in the large general area, and the other is tucked back into a corner by a wide screen TV.

Jerome was parked in one of the comfy chairs near the television.

He admits to being a regular in the lounge.

"Two Guys is friendly, like a club house," he said. "I've met a lot of good people here."

Two Guys offers an extensive collection of cigars, but the proprietor, Roy Kirby, said the latest thing is "Boutique Cigars." Small shops hand craft their cigars and they're surprisingly good.

Kirby was happily puffing away on one as he spoke. Since they come from single craftsmen, they run at a very affordable rate of about $10 each.

If you need accessories, Two Guys has a wide array of humidors, cigar cutters and lighters, as well as other accoutrements for everyone from the beginner smoker to the seasoned sophisticate. The shop even offers humidor lockers for its customers.

Ladies are more than welcome. Even if she doesn't smoke herself, there may be a man in her life who does.

Kirby will be happy to help any wife or girlfriend maneuver through the daunting task of finding a gift for her man that is sure to put a smile on his face.

And that gift won't put a huge dent in anyone's wallet if it is purchased during Two Guys' "Spooktacular" sale that runs from Sunday, Oct. 25, through Saturday, Oct. 31.

During that period everything in the store will be 13 to 15 percent off, Kirby said.

In addition, thanks to a law recently passed by the New Hampshire Legislature and ratified by the town of Seabrook, Two Guys Smoke Shop will offer a full bar beginning around the first of the year, he said.

Source: Hampton Union