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CRA Tobacconist Program Combines Marketing, Politics

The Cigar Rights of America has launched a new marketing campaign that strives to strengthen its political network among cigar shops through promotion.

The National Tobacconist Program was conceived on the idea that cigar shops act as a beacon for community and often a center for political conversation.

Tobacconists gain entry into the program by buying a platinum or gold level membership. CRA will then place a link, directions, photographs and store news on their Web site.

In addition, platinum members will have a seat on the new CRA Regional Alliance Advisory Board. This means that shop owners can advise the CRA on how to address local and state cigar issues. Essentially, the link between cigar shop patron and the CRA is organized for efficiency.

The network would also act as a method for the CRA to swiftly communicate with its members as well.

The CRA hopes the program will blossom into a "one-stop" destination on the Web where cigar lovers can find local cigar shop, up-to-date industry news, and even search for cigar events.

Source: Cigar Aficionado