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Onorato opts for cigars, talk over boxing match

It was hardly a 12-round title bout, but Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and restaurateur Jim Mitchell met Friday as promised -- face to face, over beer and cigars -- to settle their differences about the county's new 10 percent drink tax.
Neither man claimed victory, but both said they'd hold a news conference Tuesday to talk about options to help relieve the hospitality industry. And they promoted a Feb. 9 boxing fundraiser -- the same event Mitchell wanted to headline with a fight between him and Onorato.

"We've come to a mutual agreement that we won't get in the ring," Onorato said. "Communication is happening and that's always good."

"Hopefully, we've got some common ground," added Mitchell, who owns Mitchell's Restaurant, Bar & Banquet Center on Ross Street, Downtown.

Though reporters were kept away as Onorato, Mitchell and others talked in a private booth, the men later clowned for the cameras, donning boxing gloves and posing with bottles of Iron City Beer wrapped in custom-made labels featuring the two would-be pugilists.
"It's good news. It's good to see everybody's talking," said Tony Ferraro, Iron City Brewing Co.'s vice president of sales and marketing, shortly before Mitchell's patrons applauded as a TV news anchor talked about the Downtown boxing match. "I think it's great they're sitting there, talking. At least they're not fighting."

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review