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Siglo Limited Reserve No. 1

I confess. I did with this brand exactly what your mother and Bo Diddley warned you never to do: judge by appearances. OK, if a Cuban brand owner had his business nationalized after the revolution, can you really fault him for using the same name and artwork on his new production in another country? Heıs got a legitimate claim, right?

With Siglo, though, weıre talking about a Cuban brand that wasnıt on the market until the 1990s. So itıs hard to see anything at work here other than crass commercialism and hope for buyer confusion. (Then again, Sigl0-maker Altadis owns a share of the Cuban cigar company Habanos, which introduced the Cohiba Siglo line in 1992—not to be confused with the Dominican Cohibas made by Altadis competitor General Cigar.)

I had been ignoring this cigar, a practice that was reinforced by a number of poor reviews Iıve seen online. But a recent positive review on Doc Stogieıs podcast convinced me to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised. First, I have to say Iıve smoked only a couple of Cuban Siglos. From my memory, the Altadis version, said to have been blended under the direction of Frank Llaneza, tastes nothing like them.

That, however, doesnıt mean it is an unworthy smoke. In fact, it offers a winter-time size for those chilly days when you want a cigar but donıt want frostbite: the No. I (4.25 x 44). The even-smaller No. XXI is available in tins.

There are eight other vitolas in addition to a maduro line. According to Altadisı website, the regular line features an Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper around and a Nicaraguan binder and a mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler. Other sources have different information.

To be honest, though, what really makes this cigar stand out is the price. If you smoke several cigars a day or are looking for a cigar to enjoy when youıre doing something else, the Siglo is one to consider. Itıs far better than a cheap yard-gar but only a bit more expensive. The No. I can be found for under $4, while the No. III, a 6.5-inch stick with a 44 ring gauge, runs around $5 or less.

While this is not a great cigar by any means, it isnıt one to totally ignore, either. I rate this stick three stogies out of five.

Source: Stogie Guys Online