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Cigar Dave: A Man Who Knows His Snuff

Throughout history, there have been several people who have helped make cigars what they are today. From the rollers in Havana to Christopher Columbus, from Charlie Chaplin to George Burns, these people have all earned the right to smile smugly, puffing away and savoring the flavor of an industry they helped propel.

But these are certainly not the only people who have given the cigar a lift, lighting a match underneath its very culture. There are several others who have also done more for cigars than most people do for their own mother. One of these people is Cigar Dave.

Cigar Dave is the host and creator of a nationally syndicated radio show called Smoke This. As unique as a fingerprint, this show is purely dedicated to cigars and the lifestyle surrounding them. Cigar Dave first began to Smoke This in July of 1995 with a one-hour stint on a radio station in Florida. Instantly becoming a hit, Smoke This expanded to two hours and was in national syndication a short five months later.

Named David Zeplowitz at birth, Cigar Dave was born in Buffalo, New York, and attended Syracuse University. He now courageously leads a group of cigar lieutenants into battle on the airways; for this reason, he is known by several nicknames, including “The General,” “The King of Coronas,” “The Connoisseur-in-Chief,” and “The Professor of Puff.” His show provides cigar lovers with a variety of information as he discusses lifestyle, drinking, and smoking, all in a manner marked by pleasant irreverence and vivacity.

Playing off the themes of George Orwell’s Thought Police and Big Brother from the novel 1984, Cigar Dave uses the Pleasure Police and Big Pleasure to represent the politicians and law enforcers who aim to eliminate the pursuit of personal luxuries as well as the employers and corporations discriminating against those who smoke and drink legally.

But Cigar Dave isn’t just about making a political statement; he is also about plain old-fashioned fun. His show features a cigar draft, a draft that parodies the drafts of national sports organizations, as well as on-air tastings of various alcohols, an activity that aims to help lovers of spirits find a cigar to accompany their favorite drink.