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Get a little closer to Cuba at Havana Central s mojito and cigar Thursday nights

WITH THIS WEEK'S ANNOUNCEMENT from President Obama that the U.S. will ease travel restrictions to Cuba (a bit), it’s only a matter of time before everyone in New York is wearing guayaberas and pumping mambo music through their earbuds.
Hop on the Cubano bandwagon early at Times Square restaurant Havana Central. Starting this week, every Thursday night is now “Mojito/Cigar night.” During happy hour each Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, order a 10 Cane Rum Mojito for $12, and receive a free hand-rolled cigar made of choice Dominican tobacco (sorry, the embargoes aren’t that relaxed yet and 10 Cane Rum, which is delicious, hails from Trinidad*). Of course, in Mayor Mike’s NYC, you’ll have to smoke your stogie outside, but that’s okay, it means Chef Stanley Licairac’s casual Cuban fare will taste even better, and your clothes won't smell like stale ashtray the next day. Stick around after happy hour for live music representing dance-inducing sounds from all over Latin America.
While there are two other Havana Central locations in the city, you’re only gonna score the Thursday night deal at the Times Square locale. !Vamos a echar un pie!
P.S: In other Cuba-related booze news, in March a federal judge dismissed a three-year-old Cuban lawsuit in a decades-long battle over the trademark rights to Havana Club rum. Apparently Bacardi received a U.S. trademark for the name in 1976 (and makes its rum in Puerto Rico), while Cuba’s 75-year-old Havana Club label hasn’t been allowed in since the 1960s trade embargo. If you want the Cuban stuff, you have to go outside the U.S., as French spirits producer Pernod Ricard teamed with the Cuban government to sell the beverage. Of course, if trade ever fully opens up with Cuba, that’s another matter!