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Summerville smoking ban goes into effect on Tuesday

If you're used to lighting up indoors in Summerville, Monday will be your last chance. On Tuesday, a smoking ban will go into effect, forbidding smoking in all indoor places of employment. Smoking in bars and restaurants will no longer be allowed.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Hotel rooms for smokers, tobacco stores and cigar bars will still be allowed to accommodate smokers.

Not everyone is happy about the ban. Eric Price, General Manager of Montreux Bar and Grill, says the ban is not only an inconvenience, but a costly law.

"We're having to turn our back parking lot into a patio and bar area so we can accommodate a place for our smoking customers. It's cost us $4,500 so far, and that's just the beginning," said Price.

Even businesses that didn't allow smoking in the first place are upset about the ban. Chris Bouer with Sweetwater Cafe said he has never allowed smoking in his establishment, but he still doesn't think the town has a right to tell privately owned businesses what to do.

While many business owners are upset, many residents are happy about the ban.

"It will be wonderful not having to worry about smelling like smoke or breathing it in while I'm trying to eat a nice meal," said Karen Serht, a Summerville resident.

Anyone who does not comply with the ban will be fined ten to fifteen dollars per incident.