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Cigar Roller Doubles Own Record: 142 Feet

Cut and light a double corona, and you're likely to draw comments about size, compensation and the like. So, imagine how the locals at your smoke shop would react to Jose Castelar's latest creation. He just set the world cigar rolling record (his fourth), doubling his last one. The result was a cigar 142 feet long.

The world record holder smoked his last record breaking cigar – 67 feet long – in 2005. At the time, he promised to continue breaking records ... and four years later, he's come through in style.

What's next? Castelar wants to roll a cigar the length of Malecon, Havana's six-mile seaside promenade.

The Cuban cigar roller, interestingly, limits himself to one cigar a day. What he does not say, however, is how long it is.

Source: Luxist