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Las Tunas, Cuba, Sets Cigar Production Record

Las Tunas, Cuba, Sep 10, (P26) For the first time in its history, the eastern province of Las Tunas has turned out more than a million cigars destined for export, thus making a significant contribution to the effort that Cuba is making to raise production in this sector of the economy.

The success was achieved by the cigar rollers from the Vidal Navas Fernadez factory, located in the northern municipality of Puerto Padre. Last year this company began to experimentally produce exportable cigars and produced over half a million units of excellent quality.

The cigar rollers of Las Tunas are committed to producing two million units by the end of 2006.

Luis Enrique Parra, manager of the factory said that so far the company that purchases the cigars has had no complaints about their quality. "That is good, taking into account the inexperience of the personnel in this kind of specialized work," said the manger.

In addition to the Vidal Navas factory, Las Tunas province has another two cigar factories that are expected to make more than 16 million cigars for the national market. That figure would break the record set in 2005.

A decade ago, Las Tunas province joined in the national effort to increase tobacco production. Over the years, the local harvests have continually been increasing.

The tobacco industry has historically been one of the main branches of Cuba’s economy.

Source: Periodico 26