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Finlays Cigars & Accessories Hosts 10 year Anniversary Celebrations

The event will include a professional cigar roller, who will provide freshly-rolled cigars for customers to purchase, special deals on premium cigars such as Tabacalera Perdomo and Humidors and complimentary commemorative items such as lighters, t-shirts and cigar accessories.

In addition, there is a live band and an on-site masseuse planned.

"My wife and I share a fascination with cigars; we studied them extensively and after a lot of research we decided to turn our passion into our business," reports Dan Finlay, President of Finlay's Cigars & Accessories, who smoked his first cigar at age seventeen. "We are both very proud to be celebrating 10 years of our success and grateful to our loyal clientele who helped get us here."

Finlay also offers a "Cigars 101" crash course throughout the year to anyone who wishes to try their first cigar. Unlike cigarettes, cigars contain 100% pure tobacco without any additives. The different parts of the tobacco plant each provide a different flavor. Fine cigars are an art which combine the best flavors of tobacco, and are hand-made to preserve quality.

Drinks that go best with cigars are coffee, soda, cognac, port (a particular favorite of Dan's), rum and beer.

"Smoking a premium cigar is a mini-vacation," states Patricia Finley, Vice-President of Finlay's Cigars & Accessories. "It takes at least half an hour to smoke a cigar, so block out that time, take your drink, sit back and relax."

Founded in 1997 by husband and wife team Dan and Patricia Finlay with a mutual love for cigars, Finlay's Cigars & Accessories offers a diverse range of fine, hand-rolled cigars and cigar accessories from all over the world. The store also provides a smoking lounge for patrons.

Source: openPR