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The Return of La Flor de Cano

A new take on the heralded Flor de Cano Short Churchill goes on sale later this month in the United Kingdom. The Flor de Cano Short Robusto 2010, a regional edition Cuban cigar made only for the British market, is set to debut at the Hunters & Frankau summer party in London on June 23.

The cigar, which was written up in the May 24 Cigar Insider, measures a mere 4 inches long with a ring gauge of 50, a size known as a petit robusto in Cuba. (It's a relatively rare vitola, shared only with the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto.) It was meant to be on sale in 2010, but the shipment has been long delayed.

The little Flor de Cano has been modeled after the Flor de Cano Short Churchill, a cigar that hasn't been made in Cuba for more than two decades. The Short Churchill measured 4 7/8 inches long by 50 ring, and despite its name, was actually a robusto. Flor de Cano Short Churchills have become tremendously popular with cigar collectors, and at auction they command prices similar to those raised by Dunhill Cabinettas and Davidoff Dom Perignons.

To make this regional edition, Hunters & Frankau tried to blend a new cigar to taste like the Short Churchills of old. "Although the first release was a robusto and our revision of it is a petit robusto, the overall taste and philosophy of flavor remains faithful to the cigar discontinued some 20 years ago," said Jimmy McGhee from Hunters.

The packaging on these new cigars is reminiscent of the original. They come in wooden slide-lid boxes, with the J. Cano and Flor de Cano logo in light green. The new cigars also have secondary bands, of course, reading Exclusivo Reino Unido, Spanish for "Exclusive United Kingdom."

Since La Casa del Habanos get Regional Editions before other shops, the Casa del Habano in Teddington will receive the Flor de Canos a week before other shops in the United Kingdom.

Source: Cigar Aficionado