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Maker s Mark Donates Cigars to Troops

Cigar companies from across the industry have been donating cigars to the American troops stationed overseas since combat operations in the Middle East began. This month, Maker's Mark cigars of Louisville, Kentucky, joined the effort, creating a special Maker's Mark cigar for U.S. troops and spearheading an effort to get more cigars into their hands.
"We have actively donated Maker's Mark cigars to troops overseas every year. While we will continue to do so, we are a small company and can only donate so much," said Erik Samelson, national sales director for Maker's Mark. "This year, we're hoping to increase the amount of cigars we send by asking for a little help from friends and family. We've set up a section on our web site that allows people to purchase specialty 'Thank You Troops!' cigars and donate them to the troops."
The flavored cigars (they have the essence of the iconic Bourbon) come in a tube, crested with the distinctive Maker's Mark red wax. The cigars for this donation come with a bold, blue U.S.A. tag and the words "Thank you troops" written on the side.

Source: Cigar Aficionado