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Friedman rolls out cigars

AUSTIN – Kinky Friedman, who wanted to bring fresh air to state politics, is now contenting himself with filling a few backrooms with smoke.

The author, musician and failed independent gubernatorial candidate, who was never without his trusty, albeit smelly stogie, unfurled his new line of handmade cigars Wednesday.

"These are the first non-Cuban cigars that I've smoked in over 25 years," Mr. Friedman said.

And indeed, despite pestering from the press, he never let on during his political campaign where he obtained his supply.

"To get me weaned off of Havanas, they have to be pretty special," Mr. Friedman said of his own brand.

What he learned and used in the campaign has not gone missing. The logo for his new cigar brand was used in his run for governor. And the five lines of cigars in his new venture read like chapter titles in his biography.

There's The Governor (politics), Kinkycristo (comedy; Montecristo is a famous Cuban cigar), Texas Jewboy (name of his backup band), Utopia (name of his dog rescue ranch) and The Willie (good friend and adviser Willie Nelson).

But always quick with a quip, perhaps Mr. Friedman is just proving that sometimes a Willie is just a Willie.

Mr. Friedman will be rolling out his new cigars at shops across Texas over the next month and promises to sign cigar boxes while discussing "fine cigars, politics and virtually anything else."

Source: WFAA