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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Spend enough time on Main Street in Bethlehem during Musikfest long, and you'll smell cigar smoke. It's hard to avoid. You'll be walking along, and there'll be that unmistakable scent, courtesy of a guy -- or a woman, but usually a guy -- with a fat Tony Soprano (left) style cigar in the corner of their mouth. Since I don't know the downtown here that well, it took me a little while to realize "Hey, there's a cigar store here!"
Earlier today, I walked into Cigars International, a few doors down from the Morning Call's office in Bethlehem. The store was offering free hand-rolled cigars to Fest-goers, and it was hard to move around inside. I figured I'd find some stressed out worker behind a counter, rolling cigars as fast as people could light them. But actually, the process of making them takes under a minute, said employee Kevin Hartzell, if their guy is, as he put it with a straight face, "on a roll."

Source: Bethlehem Daily Star