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Cohiba Piramides Edicion Limitada 2006

I thought long and hard before I lit two of these sticks up for this review. For one, I've read that the Edicion Limitada 2006 may need two to three years of aging before maturity (we're currently at the low end of that range). Second, the $33 price tag is quite daunting.
But I took the plunge into this update of the Edicion Limitada 2001 nonetheless. What I found was slightly disappointing for the price: a well-balanced cigar with some complex flavors and a few construction issues.
It is said that this Cuban puro line is inspired by the cocoa plants of the island's Baracoa region. I suppose I'd buy that. These 6.1 inch by 52 ring gauge Piramides are darker (and a bit more rugged-looking) than most Cuban Cohibas, and they exude a savory aroma of chocolate, spice, and vanilla.
After taking great care to establish an even light, the first pull through the firm draw reveals balance and complexity with notes of pepper, burnt marshmallow, and dark chocolate. This s'more-like flavor opens up after the first inch with the addition of toffee and nuts. Earthy toast, pepper, and spice pick up halfway, and the end is powerful with more pepper and black coffee. I give this high marks for taste.
Sadly, the physical properties are less than spectacular - especially for the price. The burn requires several touch-ups to stay even, the ash is surprisingly flaky and unreliable, and the draw varies greatly throughout. The latter might have something to do with the fact that these cigars feel firm in some areas and doughy in others.
When it's all said and done, I can't say I'm terribly excited about this smoke. I really enjoyed the flavor, but I expect so much more construction-wise from a cigar that runs $314 per box (of 10, not 20, mind you). I think the high price is driven more by the limited production and the Cohiba name than the quality of the tobacco.
Maybe more aging will do this cigar good. I'll wait another year or so before trying the other three Piramides I have in my humi.
Until then, I give the Cohiba Piramides Edicion Limitada 2006 four out of five stogies.

Source: Stogie Guys Online Cigar Magazine