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Stogie Review: Oliva Series G Maduro

A couple of days before Christmas, I had the opportunity to sneak away for about an hour and try to enjoy some time to myself with a good cigar. The cigar that I decided to go with was an Oliva Series "G" Maduro.

While at JM Cigars in Exton, PA, I came across a box of these in a Torpedo Shape. The box was full of rich, dark, oily cigars and I couldn't resist picking up a couple to sample. After seeing the box, I also remembered Bob from DWSC talking about these sticks while vacationing in Ybor City. From what I remembered Bob saying, these were a good stick and well worth trying.

While inspecting this cigar, I found the wrapper to be dark and oily with a rich aroma. When pinched, the Series G felt firm and stuffed with tobacco. After looking over the cigar, I reached for my Palio and clipped the tapered head of the stick. The result was a quick and clean cut that led to a fantastic pre-light draw. With nothing left to do but start smoking, I began toasting and lighting the foot.

After a few short seconds, I had the foot completely lit and producing thick clouds of smoke. The body was medium and the finish was smooth and creamy. The base flavor was that of a good Maduro leaving me with a bitter chocolate base and an enjoyable Nicaraguan spice. The mixture of flavor and finish made for a nice start to the evening.

As I smoked a little deeper into the first portion of the cigar, I was really impressed. The initial Nicaraguan spice that was slightly edgy disappeared leaving me with more of a bitter chocolate base and mild tones of nuts and coffee. The finish only became creamier as I smoked, while the body stayed consistent in the medium spectrum. The burn was very even with a firm light grey ash. The burn rate was a little fast but did not dampen the experience at all.

When I hit the halfway point, it was like someone flipped a switch. The cigar went from good to great. The smoke became ultra smooth on the palate and the bitter chocolate faded while the flavors of coffee and nuts picked up. While the cigar went through its transformation, the Nicaraguan style spice began to slowly come back into the picture.

The construction at this point was fantastic. The burn was very even, still producing a firm grey ash with a very attractive oily ring at the burn line. While sitting in the ashtray, the cigar produced a light amount of resting smoke that was mild and aromatic. The burn rate was still a little fast but did not cause any problems that led to the cigar being high maintenance.

After about an hour and forty five minutes, it was time to give my burning fingers a break and lay the cigar to rest. The finish stayed very smooth and creamy while the body built ever so slightly as the excess smoke collected throughout the cigar. The mild spice became a little heavier but mixed very well with the bitter chocolate, nuts, and coffee flavors.

Overall, this was a fantastic smoke. It is not very often that I smoke a single stick and set out to purchase a box, but that is exactly what I did. On Christmas Eve, the auction I was bidding on closed and I was the winner of a beautiful box of Oliva Series G Belicosos.

These sticks come highly recommended and I strongly suggest picking up a couple the next time you have the opportunity.

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