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Accidental Smoker: Zino Cigars

Whatever reason you have for your enjoyment of fine tobaccos, the visual aesthetic of it cannot be ignored. While cigarettes often bring to mind hazy dimly lit bars and bottles of beer, cigars draw up thoughts of sophisticated wooded spaces serving single-malt scotch and the like. Let us admit that there is a certain fashion sense when it comes to cigars.

Zino Platinum has taken this fact and incorporated it into their cigar lines. The Scepter Series can be found lounging in their elegant tins in the humidors of many fine tobacconists. Reminiscent of a fine pipe tobacco tin, they stand out with their understated sophistication. Understated sophistication is, perhaps, the perfect descriptor for these sticks.

The Zino Platinum Grand Masters, part of the Scepter Series, present themselves with an airy sophistication and an effortless draw. I have heard people suggest that they would be perfect for accompanying a morning coffee, but I have my reservations with this pairing. The flavors seem too delicate to pair with most things. I think a classic gin martini may be the perfect accoutrement for the Zino Platinum, both stylistically and in the flavor department.


PREFERRED CUTTING METHOD: Punch or guillotine will handle it nicely
DRAW: Effortless almost too much so. 4.5 stars out of 5
BURN: Ideal and even up until the tail end, where I’ve had, at times, to coax it a small amount. 4.0 Stars out of 5
TIME PER SMOKE: Dedicate at least an hour for this smoke to draw out the true flavor. I’d recommend near an hour and a half.
FLAVOR: The flavor seems to come in hints. At its base is a sweet woody texture accompanied at times with some light leathery tones and some quite pleasant notes that are tough to single out. I take off a half star on the flavor only because it seems almost too airy. 4.5 stars out of 5


Final Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

My criticism with the Grand Master really comes down to that it does what it sets out to do too well. It is an undemanding smoke in effort, flavors and aroma. For those whose tastes tend toward full bodied blends the switch takes some time to fully distinguish its subtleties. The time is, however, well worth it for the sophistication the cigar brings to the table. I am looking forward to sampling some of the other size and press options the Scepter Series has to offer including cigarillo sized XS in search of the medium effort and fuller body which I prefer.

Source: Lumino Magazine