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Price: $385

25 cigars
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It's one of the classics for the amateurs of this shape.

BN of 25 cigars
SLB cabinets of 50 cigars

178 mm

18.65 mm

Before lighting up
Tasting in 2000: earthy and herbal, with hints of spiciness Tasting in 1998: Herbal, earthy with hints of cuban cedar and an after taste of a smooth shadow of spiciness.

Tasting in 2000: the Punch Churchill has a characteristic, "a particular earthiness". This earthiness always present is combined to some gentle herbal notes in the first third. The second third and the final are marked by an additive woody taste, with hints of spiciness. Tasting in 1998: Earthy taste is dominant from the beginning till the end. The first third: smooth spiciness is combined with woody notes. After the second third the spicy taste is more present and the earthiness turns drier. The final is harsh and dry.

Tasting in 2000: Special characteristics, It is not an aggressive Churchill, which makes it appreciated by a major part of amateurs. Connoisseurs also appreciate it, especially when it comes to the special characteristic earthiness, completed by the woody and spicy tastes. Tasting in 1998: The Punch Churchill is well balanced. Without beeing agressive, it surprises us by offering many special aromas usually provided by strong and agressive cigars.

Smoking time
1 h 45 min - 2 h 15 min

Punch cigars online. Churchills
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Churchill/Julieta 25
out of stock

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