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Serie D No.4 Sbn B

Price: $299

25 cigars
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A blockbuster. It does not need a presentation; also writing an introduction may be disrespectful. There is a lot to say, and we will never be able to summarise with some few words, the story and even the major points of the legendary D 4.


124 mm

19.85 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
Fresh cedar wood notes, with some hints of spices. Remember the particular cedar wood (but creamy) smell given off when you just open a D 4 box.

A marvellous draw. Very generous smoke, marked by a special earthiness, with some fresh cedar wood notes. A particular taste of tanned leather is present in the first third (remember the creamy smell mentioned while opening the box). In the second third, the cigar is woody, with some spicy notes and rare hints of nutmeg.

Hot, spicy and dry, with hints of black pepper. This impressive red ring cigar is a legend.

Smoking time
45 min - 1 hour 30 minutes

Partagas cigars online. Serie D No.4 Sbn B
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Serie D No.4 Sbn B
Robusto 25
out of stock

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