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Partagas cigars

8 9 8 Var Cabinet Of 10

Price: $175

10 cigars
out of stock

At the end of the 80's and the beginning of 90's, it was one of the best productions of FPG factory. It's the reference for the Dalias. A regular cigar, with a toasty taste. A short woody final. Not to be confused with the Partagas unvarnished 8-9-8.

Now in varnished boxes of 10 cigars ! New 2003 production

170 mm

17.07 mm

Ring gauge

Partagas cigars online. 8 9 8 Var Cabinet Of 10
Name Shape Cigars Price  
8 9 8 Var Cabinet Of 10
Dalia 10
out of stock

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