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Magnum 46 Slb

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The Magnum is one of my favourite Havanas. After a great dinner, I nominate three or four different cigars, selected among more than 100 different vitolas. The Magnum 46 is commonly one of the nominees. For me, it's one of the best, and definitely a "top ten" cigar.


143 mm

18.26 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
Chocolate, leather, and spices: three words to describe the perfection of taste. It's rare to use the term "perfection", but when it comes to a good "oily/maduro" Magnum, it's the minimum that we can say.

When you go beyond the limits of what a perfect Havana can be, when you have already tasted a raw Magnum, nothing can surprise you anymore, except the taste of this same Magnum burning. The draw, very generous, is the trap where many beginners may fall. It's very easy and very generous; therefore, it must be controlled. Tasting a Magnum requires a minimum of concentration. The Magnum must be smoked very slowly, but with a regular draw. It's spicy without being aggressive. The roundness of taste is due to the leather and chocolate aromas. The spiciness is present, but we can say that the taste of the first third is rather heady. The spiciness of the Magnum has a special characteristic, it's an unsettled spiciness: it's very rich, and it keeps one changing with each draw, like a surprising marvellous symphony. In the second third, the Magnum excels. It's simply the dream of a Havana connoisseurs becoming reality. Rich, full bodied, and noble, the smoke is moving between the smoothness of chocolate and the dryness of hot spices. The second third is a festival of aromas: all what you may say is true.

In the final, the heady taste disappears progressively and the hot spicy taste is more present. It's the moment when all connoisseurs say the same thing: "why it's too short?" Let me add one last advice: do not age your Magnums long-time; they may loose their rich aromas, and they will acquire an earthy taste. One year aging is sufficient.

Smoking time
1 -1 h 40 min

H. Upmann cigars online. Magnum 46 Slb
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H. Upmann
Magnum 46 Slb
Corona Gorda 25
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