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For the first time, the launching of a new cigar has been made outside Cuba. During the annual meeting in Cannes, France Habanos has launched the new Cohiba Siglo VI for the occasion of Linea 1492 aniversario. The new cigar is a new shape which has never been produced before. It's called EL CANONAZO 52 ring gauge and 15 cm (almost 6 inches) length featuring a special ring for the 10th aniversary of the linea 1492. Cigar produced since 2003.

Varnished wooden boxes, with top sliding cover, containing 25 Havanas, tied in bundles with a ribbon.

150 mm

20.64 mm

Ring gauge

Cohiba cigars online. Siglo 6 Slb Var
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Siglo 6 Slb Var
Canonazo 25
out of stock

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