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Siglo 4 Slb Var

Price: $539

25 cigars
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This exceptional Puros surprises us. No doubt, the Siglo IV is classified among the greatest Corona Gorda. Amateurs of this shape didn't expect that the Cubans are able to produce a cigar comparable to the Punch Gorda's, Cohiba master blenders did it.

Varnished wooden boxes, with top sliding cover, containing 25 Havanas, tied in bundles with a ribbon. Available in tins containing 5 Havanas, individually wrapped.

143 mm

18.26 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
Honey notes combined to a humid and floral spiciness. We noticed an exceptional oily sheen.

Rich and complex aromas. Honey notes combined to a particular mild spiciness, with rare aromas reminding a humid Cuban cedar. This cigar is rich and powerful; it has a perfect size offering lot of aromas without being aggressive.

The Siglo IV is an excellent Corona Gorda for connoisseurs and experts. Its proportions seem to call for nighttime, the moment of final relaxation just before falling asleep. In the smooth warmth of its company, it is much easier to be tolerant of the day's past events and make the best plans for tomorrow. It has the human quality of old friends, those who never forsake one.

Smoking time
1 -1 h 40 min

Cohiba cigars online. Siglo 4 Slb Var
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Siglo 4 Slb Var
Corona Gorda 25
out of stock

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