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Siglo 3 Slb Var

Price: $499

25 cigars
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Slightly larger than a normal corona. Its flavours grow with good food and it is a magnificent conversationalist.

Varnished wooden boxes, with top sliding cover, containing 25 Havanas, tied in bundles with a ribbon. Available in tins containing 5 Havanas, individually wrapped.

155 mm

16.67 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
A pleasant floral taste, with hints of fresh nutmeg.

The Siglo III has an incredible regular draw. It is very respectful of its Master, allowing him to exhibit his talent through long and detailed paragraphs because it has a perfect burning and it can wait patiently with a silent column of smoke, until it is again remembered. A medium bodied Havana that delivers a smooth oily smoke, with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon on the palate. The second third is woody, and we have some gentle spicy notes.

Notes of sea salt and a smooth woody taste. It has a very pleasant, calm, rich and oily final. A specialist in creating pleasant after-dinner atmosphere. It calls to my mind the taste of sea food and "Proven?al gastronomy". I will tell you a confidence: while choosing the blend of the Siglo III, all the members of the comity have selected this blend among five others. It is rare that they all agree from the first time to make a choice without any hesitation.

Smoking time
1 -1 h 40 min

Cohiba cigars online. Siglo 3 Slb Var
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Siglo 3 Slb Var
Corona Grande 25
out of stock

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