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Siglo 2 Tubos Pack 3

Price: $65

3 cigars
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It's the most popular Havana format in the world. Its dimensions are appropriate for any moment and it is the perfect cigar to have at all time. It is suitable for closing a deal after long negotiations as well as for initiating an ardent sports discussion with the fan sitting in front of you.

now in packs of 3 Tubos

129 mm

16.67 mm

Ring gauge

It burns well. It has a woody taste with some harsh notes. The Siglo II does not offer a large variety of aromas and this is due to its size, but it is one of the best petit corona that experts like to enjoy.

A short final. Dry and spicy.

Cohiba cigars online. Siglo 2 Tubos Pack 3
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Siglo 2 Tubos Pack 3
Petit Corona/Mareva 3
out of stock

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